• Bicycle 30 seats

    Bicycle 30 seats

    A 30-seat bike designed and manufactured for the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation.

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  • Mecanic anchor

    Mecanic anchor

    Rectify and change the mecanic anchor on a Booster M20 plate

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  • Heavy pieces

    Heavy pieces

    Fabrication of different miling pieces

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  • Valve «Y»

    Valve «Y»

    Fabrication of a valve with an «Y» shape

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  • Insulator matrix

    Insulator matrix

    Fabrication fo a insulator matrix

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  • Turning arm

    Turning arm

    Fabrication fo a turning arm

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  • Transfert finger

    Transfert finger

    Drawing and fabrication of a transfert finger

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  • Steam radiator

    Steam radiator

    Steam radiator's reparation

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  • Centrifuse piece

    Centrifuse piece

    Fabrication of centrifuse pieces

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  • Centrifuse


    Fabrication of a centrifugue

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  • Aluminum transfert

    Aluminum transfert

    Fabrication of a aluminum transfert

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  • Cast iron valve

    Cast iron valve

    High temperature cast iron valve reparation

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  • Fire truck ladder 2

    Fire truck ladder 2

    Inspection and reparation of fire truck ladder

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  • Fire truck ladder

    Fire truck ladder

    Inspection and reparation of fire truck ladder

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  • Thermal support treatment

    Thermal support treatment

    Fabrication of thermal support treatment

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  • Acid basin

    Acid basin

    Acid basin fabrication

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  • Rotational oven

    Rotational oven

    Fabrication of a rotational oven

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  • Welder


    Welder working on a tank

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  • Fabrication table

    Fabrication table

    Robot fabrication table

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  • Diffuser


    Fabrication of a diffuser

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  • Aluminum climbing protection

    Aluminum climbing protection

    Aluminum for climbing protection fabrication, Hydro-Quebec

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  • HQ stairs

    HQ stairs

    Fabrication of Lapayrle's staire Hydro-Québec

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  • Hydro Quebec’s aluminum barrel

    Hydro Quebec’s aluminum barrel

    Fabrication of Hydro Quebec aluminium bearrel

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  • Special fabrication

    Special fabrication

    Special fabrication for flour production piece.

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  • Impeller


    Manufacturing and fitting of an impeller

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  • Hydraulic tourning coil

    Hydraulic tourning coil

    Conception and fabrication of an hydraulic tourning coil

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  • Atomizer


    Atomizer fabrication

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  • Chimney


    Conception and fabrication of different chimney types.

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  • Oven structure

    Oven structure

    Conception and fabrication of oven structure with an opening

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  • Custom-made cut

    Custom-made cut

    Custom made plasma cut

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  • 3D plasma cutting

    3D plasma cutting

    Custom made 3D plasma cut

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  • Mecanical assembly

    Mecanical assembly

    Mecanic assembly and ajustement after a piece assembly

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  • Complete reparation

    Complete reparation

    Complete reparation of the piece before the mecanical assembly

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  • Piece assembly

    Piece assembly

    After a breakdown, we fabric, install and ajust the assembly piece for a sewage treatment system.

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  • Special alloy

    Special alloy

    We inspect different equipment, even these with special alloy before their reparation, if needed.

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  • Special hook

    Special hook

    We inspect different types of hook

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  • Complex piece inspection

    Complex piece inspection

    We can inspect more complex piece with the same procedure

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  • Load test

    Load test

    All the elevation equipment follow a elevation test depending on the needed capacity

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  • Elevation equipment

    Elevation equipment

    We are certified in inspection and reparation in elevation equipment.

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  • NDT test

    NDT test

    The pieces are clean and the application of the liquid revealing indicate the crack to repair.

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  • NDT test

    NDT test

    Multiple steps are follow by our qualified examiner in order to inspect you pieces, such as apply liquid penetrant to…

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  • Fabrication and installation

    Fabrication and installation

    Fabrication and installation of production equipement depending of the client needs (here for flour production)

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  • Overhead Cranes

    Overhead Cranes

    We offer the inspection and maintenance service of the overhead crane

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  • Overhead cranes

    Overhead cranes

    We can fabric and install custom overhead cranes.

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  • 3D technical drawing

    3D technical drawing

    The Polywork's technical drawing are precise.

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  • Scan 3D portable unit

    Scan 3D portable unit

    The portable 3D scan unit is light and can be easily manipulate.

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  • Metrascan


    Metrascan save the piece reproduction during 3D scan

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  • 3D Scan

    3D Scan

    Metrascan is used in order to produce a fabrication drawing with the help of 3D scan of a piece

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